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Occoquan Lights Categories

Occoquan Lights has five categories for awards: "A White and Green Holiday," "Multicolored Lights/Traditional/Vintage," "A Character Christmas," "A Griswold Christmas", and a category for businesses.  Those wishing to participate in the judged categories should choose only one category in which to participate and should click here to register.  Judging will take place by the public from December 11 through December 22.  If possible, however, please try to register no later than December 5 (you can finish decorating later) so we have time to produce judging maps for the public.  Registration to participate is free and you can register just for fun without participating in a category if you wish.  Below is a description of each category to help you to decide what category to enter.

A White and Green Holiday

This category is for those using almost exclusively white lights and greenery to decorate their home.  It is not required that the entry contain white lights and greenery in combination; either one or both together are appropriate. Below are examples.

White Christmas.jpg

Photos courtesy of Lewes Lights.  Used with permission.

A Character Christmas

This category is for those who like to use character-themed displays related to Christimas (e.g. Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch, etc.).  Inflatable characters are allowed, but not required for this category.  Entries might be described as those that would appeal to or be recognized by children due to the character involvement. An example is below.


Photo courtesy of Lewes Lights.  Used with permission.


This category is exclusively for Town businesses and can be decorated in any fashion consistent with the regulations that apply to that business.


Photo courtesy of Lewes Lights.  Used with permission.

Multicolored Lights/Traditional/Vintage

This category is for those using multicolored lights and/or decorating their home in what might be characterized as a traditional or vintage manner.  This may or may not include religiously-themed decorations, but should not be dominated by white lights.  Examples are below.

wonderful life.jpg

Photos courtesy of Lewes Lights.  Used with permission.

A Griswold Christmas

This category is for those inspired by the achievements of Clark Griswold in the movie  "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."  Displays are expected to be "over-the-top", though we do not expect your house to be seen from space, and we hope you have at least the begrudging consent of your neighbors.  Please note that entries in this category must be outside of the Town's historic district. An example is below.


Photo courtesy of Lewes Lights.  Used with permission.

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